Philanthropic Planning and Advising


"True generosity is about a transformation in our hearts - not just a financial transaction."

We work with select aspiring philanthropists to create a truly personalized giving strategy that meets your unique financial needs and philanthropic goals. We look at the individual as a steward, entrusted with precious resources. We understand that with such resources, you have a great responsibility to manage those resources effectively. 


We can advise and help create  a sound strategy that can encompass a number of options that can save you money and increase your giving. We assist in planning and creating  plans ranging from family trusts to creating your own donor-advised-fund with any one of our foundation partners. 


We also offer a full review and provide recommendations and vetting of potential charities you may be interested in. Our experienced team will asses and measure the effectiveness of the organization and establish the true impact your gift will have.


Additionally, we will work with you to create a unique interactive giving experience where you can see the impact of your gift first-hand. We facilitate these global Generosity Journeys so that you can experience the joy of giving, and see the tangible ways you are changing lives through your generous stewardship.  

Start your generosity journey today.


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